phonoo concept video

Phonoo is a concept for a dockable bluetooth speaker with simplistic controls.

The concept builds upon the observation that current generation bluetooth-speakers are not fitting in a design orientated enviroment.
Users have to route cables through their living rooms every single time they want to charge their speakers.

The phonoo is designed to stay.
Everytime you bring your speaker back home you simply place it onto your dock and charge it via induction.

No need to plug a cable. Just drop the speaker on your dock and wait for it to be fully charged. If you are too far away from your docking station there is still a USB-port directly at your speaker to charge it.

The phonoo is designed for durability, the high-quality materials are longlasting plastics with excellent haptics. The grip is made out of smooth cow-leather.

The three button user interface makes the phonoo dead easy to operate.