RIO Imagefilm

We were asked by the agency Serviceplan to produce an imagefilm for RIO at the IAA 2018. RIO is the first digital, transparent, manufacturer-independent and cloud-based logistics platform
The idea was to start with a short introduction of the history of logistics until today and present the advantages of their cloud-based platform that brings a new face to global freight transport. RIO bundles digital solutions of the transportation & logistics ecosystem and significantly increases the efficiency and transparency in the field of transportation. We decided to transform the iconic 2D patterns of the corporate design into a fully generated 3D world with fluid transitions and animations.
Diversity is the key
We translated the diversity and the playfulness of the RIO-Design by using different animation techniques. From realistic or flat 3D animations to the use of classic 2D animations, from glowing pixel clouds to self-constructive trucks. Every animation and transition had to be in a flow and was designed with attention and love for the details.
Just like a river flows
Different patterns for different times. We used different color schemes and patterns of the RIO corporate design to emphasize the different epochs and brought them to live by animating little details.
Real-time decision making
Thanks to intelligent algorithms, RIO combines different sources of data from different partners and then analyzes them. Based on the combined information from those different sources RIO provides its users with concrete recommendations for action in real time.

Client: RIO // TB Digital Services GmbH
Creative Direction: Stephan Hartmann, 908
Art Direction: Christoph Ott, Stephan Wachtberger, 908
3D Artists: Steffen Machel, Andreas Riesener, Stanislav Yakymenko
Audio: Kai von Glasow, 908audio
Music: Jan Weigel
Thank you for watching!
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